Shipping & Delivery

Track Your Order
What does the status of my package mean?
Can I track my order on the logistics partner's website?
I can't track my order on carrier tracking page.  How do I track my order?
How to I track my order status?
How will I know the new delivery time lead of my order?

Is my area serviceable during the Extreme Enhanced Community Quarantine (H20-Restore)?

Can H20-Restore deliver anywhere in the Philippines?

My order status is delivered but I did not receive it.  What do I do?

How do I change my address?

My order is delayed.  When will I receive it?

Why did I receive my order in separate deliveries?

Why was my order or part of my order shipped via sea?

I just received an e-mail saying that my item has been shipped.  When will I receive my order?

I need my order now, can H20-Restore speed up the delivery?

I ordered multiple items, but I only receive 1, where are my other items?

I ordered multiple items, but why did I receive only 1 e-mail and one tracking number?

Shipping Options

Is Express Delivery available for all items?

Where can I find Collection Point areas?

What is Delivered by Seller?

What is Express Delivery?

Cross Border Shipping Fees

Express Delivery Frequently Asked Questions

What shipping options does H20-Restore offer?

Shipping Fee
How do I get free shipping?
What are the shipping fees and rates?
What is the bulky fee for?

Where can I check my shipping fee when placing an order?
Collection Point
What items are available for pick-up at the Collection Point?
Can I cancel my order in Collection Point?
Can I change my Collection Point station?
What is Collection Point?
Where can I see the available Collection Points?
When can I pick up my package at the Collection Point?
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